It’s a Small World After All

Earlier this year, one of our faculty took the excursion of a lifetime. Ms. Star Breit went on an expedition to Antarctica.   Below is her description of a truly amazing meeting.

met Dr. Susan Osterberg in January 2010 on board a Russian expedition ship named the Lubov Orlova (named after a Russian actress)in Ushuaia, Argentina en route to Antarctica.  After talking for a few minutes, she revealed that she had attended Ray Elementary School when she was in 2nd and 3rd grade!   She presently lives in Houston, Texas and is a professor at the University of Texas at Houston.  after the expedition she said she usually comes  to Chicago several times a year and would look me up.  To my surprise, she came to my classroom Wednesday, April 14. 

The trip we went on was an 11 day expedition that included 6 stops via a Zodiac (rubber boat)to different places on the Antarctic Peninsula.  It was a trip of a lifetime and one I will never forget.  I was lucky enough to be able to bring my 11year old nephew as well.  Susan spent one night camping on the peninsula in a tent!  She is planning to return to Ray School next month, after looking on her old report card to see who the principal was at that time, as well as her teachers.  If anyone would like to meet her or ask her questions, let Ms. Breit know.  We also have many photos to share!!!  It shows that no matter how far one travels… there is always a chance of meeting someone from Ray School.

Ms. Breit and Dr. Osterberg

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