School Update

The mayor announced that schools will be open on Friday.  There will be no bus service, however.

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Ray School Closed Till further Notice

Ray School will probably remain closed Thursday and Friday.  Parents should watch the news or visit the CPS website to remain current with information regarding the school.  We are fine with power and heat but just need to make sure that the number of personnell able to report will be adequate for effective running of the school.   Thank you all who came early or on time to pick up your children on Tuesday.  We actually had most children on their way home by 4:30.

Kudos to Ralph(our engineer) and Charles(chief custodian) who made their way back to the school at 3:00am Wednesday morning to begin snow removal and to check the heating and electricity.  Charles had to abandon his car at 55th and King Drive but proceeded to walk the rest of the distance to our school.  Thank you to those dedicated gentlemen.   All custodians are at the school working today.  What a wonderful team!

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