Ray School Students Rock

On Saturday, March 26, two of our sixth grade students were honored for their science fair projects at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Grace L. ‘s experiment involved the rate of attraction of fruit flies to  specific colors.   Zhixin S.’s  experiment tracked the growth of plant seeds under varying conditions.  Ray School was the only school with two sixth grade honorees.

Nima S. placed in the area Spelling Bee.  She received a trophy sfor her participation.  It is important that our students participate in competitions so that they learn the art of both written and oral presentation.  Students also become aware of the level of competition from students outside of their own school. 

On Wednesday, March 30, Ray School had its annual fourth through sixth grade geography bee.  The students were tested on their knowledge of  the  states, continents, countries, geographical  terms and  state quarters.   Teachers attribute their growth of knowledge to our new social studies curriculum.  The three winners were Noah S., Natalie B. and Vavara K,. We are extremley proud of  all of them.

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