Ray Says Good-bye to the Numata Family

Mirai and Taiyo came to our school just two years ago.  Neither child spoke English but Mirai did have another classmate who spoke Japanese.  Taiyo on the other hand had a more difficult time with no one in his first grade classroom who spoke his native language.  Mrs. Numata patiently sat outside his classroom studying her English and giving Taiyo that feeling of support until he adjusted to his new classroom.  After just two years the family speaks English.  Mirai excelled in her classes and was adored by her classmates.  Little Taiyo remains a little shy but really learned to like his school and classmates.  Unfortunately,  Mom Dad and the two children left to go back to Japan shortly after the earthquake.  They told me that their family at home were safe and that they felt comfortable returning to their country in spite of the disaster.  We will keep in touch with this wonderful and inspiring family.  Good luck to them.


                               Mrs. Butler saying , “Sayonara” to the Numata Family.

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